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Grant Aided by Ipswich Borough Council

Registered Charity Number 299459

Ipswich Sports Club for the Disabled


- Frank Morphew was a member of our Club for several years. He was also involved with many other organisations in the Ipswich area trying to make life better for those with disabilities.

- When Frank died our committee decided to create the Frank Morphew Shield in his honour. Each year at our AGM the award is given out to the individual that our Club members feel has made the biggest improvement over the year.

- Improvement does not always mean getting better at something but can also be resulting from the persistence of trying to do better and this is very much the motivation behind the Frank Morphew Shield.

- We as a club feel that this helps our members to always strive to do the best they can, but also for our members to help support others in doing their best as well.

This years winner:

Desray Cameron