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Grant Aided by Ipswich Borough Council

Registered Charity Number 299459

Ipswich Sports Club for the Disabled


- Membership of our Club is still relatively cheap, although we have been forced to increase our fees over the last couple of years to compensate for increasing running costs, primarily the cost of the venue. We are very lucky that Northgate Sports Centre provide us with a "Charitie's discount" but the fees have gone up considerably recently.

- Members pay one annual membership fee and also a weekly participation fee. In order to keep up with the increasing costs we incur, membership increases on a yearly basis. Current fees are shown below and follow the financial year.

- Membership : 17.00 (7.50 - under 16) - Participation : 1.50 (75p - under 16)

- New members attending the club will have fees waivered for 3 weeks as a introductory period.