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Grant Aided by Ipswich Borough Council

Registered Charity Number 299459

Ipswich Sports Club for the Disabled




  Below are a few photos of the wheel chairs we currently use.

- We have used many different types over the years, but below are three of the main types we have used.

The Hoffmeister
- These were among the first wheel chairs our club ever used. They date from the 1970's when these were state of the art! They are good solid wheel chairs but are VERY heavy. The fact that we used them right up until the last couple of years is a testament to their durability. Unfortunately all things give up in the end and this is the last one we have. One of our members still prefers to use this one and while it's still going, we're not going to stop him!

- Whilst many of the more modern wheel chairs are of solid frame construction, this one is designed to fold away for easy storage, which when you have 15 - 20 of them, is a great help! Many of the more modern chairs also have rear stabilising wheels, to prevent the chair tipping back due to them being so light-weight. This one doesn't have that problem! It is possible, just about, to raise the front wheels off the groung, but it is highly unlikely to tip fully!


The Speedy

- These wheel chairs where introduced in the late 1990's and the club was very lucky to receive them at a much discounted rate from the supplier. We originally had around 5 - 6 of them, but although very light, are not as durable as the previously mentioned Hoffmeister, and as such the frames quite often break. It is difficult to see from the pictures above, but this chair has been mended twice along the front blue rung due to breakage at each end.

- The side spoke protects were taken of the previous wheel chairs the club owned which were called "Rollers" but the club no longer has any of these as they were replaced by other chairs.

- Also not in the middle picture above, the additional rear anti-tip wheels which were added a couple of years ago to protect users from falling out (backwards at least!) Although pulling a wheely is fun, tipping back can be very painful, especially hazardous for those with back injuries.


The Quickee

- These are the latest addition to our club. These chairs are very light-weight and very fast and extremely manueverable, down to the high level of tilt given to the wheels. We now have five of these chairs which are exclusively for the disabled players, unless there are any spare not being used, when able bodied members may use them.

- The front bar has had to be padded due to the liability for the chairs to hit others due to their larger base. Also the wider wheel cbase can cause problems when catching the odd low ball.

- Note the middle photo showing the rear anti-tilt wheel. It has been proven on several occasions that due to the light-weightedness of the chair, if you lean at the wrong angle, it can tip back, but this is rare! It was quite amusing when the company who provided the chairs were present the first time we tilted one! "You shouldn't be able to do that!"